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Mazda keys

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Genuine Mazda Keys

We do stock some genuine Mazda keys & remotes but a lot of the time customers get a price shock. 

This is not because of us but Mazda.

We are always happy to cut & program a Genuine Mazda remote or key supplied but the customer as long as it’s Genuine Mazda.

We have a true & tested quality after market supplier, saving money for the customer. We want you to come back but not for warranty issues & that’s why we have tried & tested all our aftermarket keys & remotes which almost all the time our aftermarket product are actually better built & don’t break or wear out like Genuine remotes do. We use our own products on our vans, our keys get used more then normal people’s keys, ask to see our van keys. 

Spare car Keys

Looking for a spare Mazda key?

Doctor Lock can come to your work or home and make a spare car key.

Need to delete a lost car key from your car?

Remote not working or Broken?

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