Mitsubishi Keys



  • Lost car keys
  • Spare car keys
  • Lost transponder out of the key (Car will not start)

Our mobile automotive locksmiths can come to you.

We open the car, then decode the drivers side door lock. (please advise our locksmith if the drivers side door lock is not the same key as the ignition lock)

Cut a new car key to code. ( back to manufactures specifications )

Prepare the transponder for to work with the Mitsubishi immobilizer  unit.

Program the transponder to the immobilizer & test.

If you want a remote programmed to the car, this is the final step we do & then the job is finished.

Note: if you just want a key without a remote this is always cheaper.

Generally speaking a remote is normally an extra $40 but it really depends on what Mitsubishi car we are talking about.

Push button start cars are “smart keys” that have the remote inbuilt & the transponder inbuilt with an emergency key. Exception.  

You have an option to get a flip key remote for Mitsubishi cars.

These flip keys don’t have the same problems as the original Mitsubishi keys.

They are much better built then the manufactures keys & we encourage customers to get one of these keys over a replacement standard key like you had before. But the option is your. 

We use these flip keys for our vans, ask the Locksmith to show you his van key. 

Replacement car keys

Spare car Keys

Are you looking for a spare car key?

Doctor Lock can come to your work or home and make new Mitsubishi Key.

Spare car keys.

Cut & programmed. 

Spare car key made
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