Hyundai Keys

Hyundai Keys

It’s frustrating losing car keys, specially when you are just about to go out.

Doctor Lock Brisbane fully understands the frustration & that’s why we aim to get you back on the road ASAP.

There are many types of Hyundai Keys. But generally seeking these can be broken down into these categorizes.

  • Standard key  (metal blade with Black plastic head with chip)
  • Standard key with remote built into the head of the key & chip
  • Remote flip key (contains key blade, Transponder chip & remote)
  • Smart Key (push button start cars) Emergency key blade, Transponder & Remote all built together.

Sometimes with Hyundai cars you can just get a standard key which has the Transponder chip (Cheaper option) & other times the model you have must have the transponder & remote built in together which there is no other option for these cars.

Saving Money

For later model Hyundai cars (2017 on) you can save time & money by calling your Hyundai Dealer and asking for the Key code & Immobilizer pin number. The dealer will asks for proof you actually own the car. We offer a discount to you as this saves us time & work. Other Locksmiths don’t offer to save you money but we do. 





Spot your Hyundai Car Key

Replacement car keys

Spare car Keys

Very common problem with the original Hyundai remote keys is the button ware out.

Solution is to keep the remote key as a back up and get an after market remote key. 

These are butter built then original remote keys & don’t have this problem.


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